EN. Colours, numbers and shapes are the basic and easiest learning in a language. We take awareness of how a language is written, how it sounds, … That’s the reason why, in early ages, a great amount of time is spent in the learning of this vocabulary. Taking colours and numbers as a base, we can start building sentences and to communicate.

Here you can listen to songs in which you’re asked to locate things that are colour Blue, Yellow, Red and Purple (in video 1); Orange, Brown and Green (in video 2).

Azul, Amarillo, Rojo, Morado
Naranja, Marrón, Verde

Ps: Take into account that the video has been recorded by Latin American people, so that the pronunciation may be different from that you hear in the school.

In this other video, you can listen to colours (and numbers) and to sing a sort of tongue twister song, which goes faster each time.


We enter in this web and we can go to «Colores». There, we can find several exercises with the listening as a base.

Moreover, if you go to «Palabras», you can build words by clicking on each letter. This is interesting as an introduction of the Spanish alphabet.

Ps: Keep in mind that these exercises have been planned for Spanish preschoolers, so that they are not very demanding for 7-years-old onwards. However, our objective is our foreign students to acquire the Spanish pronunciation, so let’s focus on listening. It would be useful to repeat the word after having heard it, or even to take notes on the notebook.