In the first days of school, we should not start the Didactic Units, but to check what students remember from last year, what their difficulties are and how to cope with them. 
When teaching ENG, I like to cover the cultural aspect too, so that in these first days we watch a video, created by MoPa, a school of 3D animation.

In the video, a Queen’s Guard pursues the Queen’s hat as the wind is blowing it continuously through London. It is the way the students see the main places (the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St James Park,…) and icons (the red buses, the mailboxes, the way pedestrian crossings are -so different from the Spanish ones-,…).

After watching the video, the students complete a worksheet in which they can see several icons and buildings of London.


The sequence I follow is this one:

  • First watching (the students can mark buildings or not, but the video is not paused).
  • Marking time (buildings and icons seen are marked now -by heart)
  • Second watching and student’s checking.
  • Third watching and teacher’s checking (this is the time I pause the video continuously and make comments).
  • Writing of names (I write the names of the buildings or icons -seen or not on the video- on the blackboard and the students just copy them below the pictures).

I encourage you to watch the video with your group. 😃All my students have always liked it.